The Chocolate Cafe

I know I have not been on here for a while but between finals and starting summer classes my life has been very crazy.  However I’m back and I’m trying to get in the groove of posting.  Anyhow, Alex and I went out with two of our friends last night and went to The Chocolate Café. We’ve been here quite a few times and we have always had a great experience. The people workers are nice and the food is delicious.  Every time we go I feel like I’m in a French café and I’m going to ride off into the sunset on a moped. The only downside is the food is seems pricey however it really isn’t that bad. Also most of it is stuff that I feel like do not possess the skills to make, and that’s when I tend to feel okay about spending a bit more money.   Last night Alex and I shared the Chocolate Raspberry Torte and it was so good, like criminally good.

Chocolate Raspberry Torte

Chocolate Raspberry Torte

I feel like this isn’t a great review because describing something as criminally good isn’t such a great description.  However almost all their stuff is amazing rich and velvety and great!  I did say almost though. On one our trips there we did try the chocolate ravioli and it wasn’t so great, they were more like chocolate wantons and just pretty meh. So I’d skip those but go for anything else we’ve tried most of the menu and it’s great.

Also if it’s during the school year I would call and make a reservation just so you’re sure to have a seat. We have always just called the day of generally with in like 30-60 minutes of when we want to go, so it’s not a big deal just a good idea.

4.5 stars

4.5 stars

The Chocolate Cafe

102 W. Olive, Fort Collins, CO


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