Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

I love color on my lips but I don’t like how some lipsticks leave your lips SUPER dry. Around the holidays Revlon introduced their Colorburst Lip Butters and immediately the buzz around them started (they are now part of Revlons permanent collection). Since I knew bright lips where on trend for the coming season I asked for a tube for Christmas to give it a try, and I was instantly in love them.  Revlon has 20 shades ranging from light and natural to bold and wild. The packaging is nice because the top is clear so you can see the color in the tube and the I’ve found that the color in the tube is very similar to the color on your lips. I personally have one in the shade Lollipop which is a really pretty fuchsia color (surprise fuchsia works really well on light skin tones). The consistency of these are very much like a lip balm but have a color pay off more like a lipstick, and leave your lips very moisturized. Unlike some glosses they are not too thin and slick nor are they too thick and goopy, I was honestly shocked by this because so many lip products tend to fall into one of those categories.  They are very soft though so don’t leave them in a hot car or you will have a hot mess.  Also the color doesn’t really last through eating so you will have to reapply after a meal but over all I totally think the lip butters are worth the cost and I will be repurchasing this color as well as picking up some new shades. Personally I have my eye on Cherry Tart and Raspberry Pie.

Me wearing the Lollipop color lip butter

4 stars

4 stars

Revlon Lip Butters


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