Woolite Stomp ‘n Go

Do you ever have those messes where, as soon as it happens, all you can think is, “How am I going to get that stain out?” I had that happen this weekend when my dog knocked a cup of pink lemonade off the table on to the carpet. No one was near it, and then it was on the floor… I’ve got no idea. I went to get some water and towels and my husband grabbed a package of Woolite Stomp ‘n Go pads that he’d bought a couple months earlier.  I had already flushed the stain with water and sopped up most of the liquid when he got back with the pads.  I was freaking out a bit because the carpet was still noticeably pink.

We opened up the pads and realized they were kind of small- about 4 inches by 8 inches.  We needed   three pads to cover the spill.  To use the pads, you just unfold them, place them on the carpet and stomp on them with your shoes on.  Then, you leave the pads on top of the stain for 30 minutes.  When you remove them, the stain is supposed to be gone.  Before the pads the spill had left staining in 2 areas, a larger spot and a smaller spot.  After 30 minutes, the smaller spot was gone and the larger was lighter but still noticeable.  We put the pads back on the larger spot for a bit longer.  I went off to school and my husband forgot about the whole thing.  When I came home 3 hours later, I found the pads still on the floor… but when I removed them, there was no stain at all!  It looked like new carpet, and the pads were still wet with cleaner.

I’m not sure how long you really need to leave the pads on for tougher stains, but I was really glad they worked so well.  The box comes with 5 individually wrapped pads and it’s about 5 dollars retail. There are coupons that you can find and they do come on sale, so you can save quite a bit of money that way.  Still, I’d say it’s worth the cost.

4.5 stars

4.5 stars

Woolite Stain Remover


3 thoughts on “Woolite Stomp ‘n Go

  1. Likin’ it. I’ll have to look for some of these the next time I go shopping. I’m not sure how we do it, with just two adults in the house, but we manage to have spills/messes. I wonder how/if they will work on high traffic areas? I guess I’ll find out soon (okay, probably not real soon…after school is done for the term) if they will work for us. We’ve got a couple of high traffic areas that need some serious help, but nothing I’ve found so far seems to do the trick. Thanks again, for another product tip!!!!

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