Philadelphia Milk Chocolate Indulgence

After seeing Philadelphia Indulgence advertised on television, I decided to give it a try.  My grocery store only had the milk chocolate variety in stock but Kraft also makes a dark chocolate and white chocolate variety.  The container says it’s a chocolate cream cheese spread, though trying it I didn’t find anything cream cheese about it.  Texturally I found it a little strange, it was almost a little gelatinous as you can see in the video below.

In your mouth, it does have a very creamy cool feeling.  The flavor is…okay. It taste like chocolate but it’s not a strong flavor. I tried it on both pretzels and strawberries.  On the pretzels it wasn’t a strong enough flavor to pair with the pretzel taste.  It was chocolaty for a second, then it just tasted like pretzel, maybe it’s because I was using a pretzel rod but it just wasn’t doing it for me flavor wise.  On the strawberry it was much better. The chocolate flavor paired nicely with the sweet acidity of the strawberry but I would rather just eat a strawberry. I think they are sweet enough on their own.

Strawberry covered in indulgence


Final thoughts: Philadelphia Milk Chocolate Indulgence is good but it cost about 3 dollars for an eight ounce container.  I just don’t think that it is worth the cost.  I wish that there was a recipe that I could use it in, I think it would be good for that more so than just using it as a dip.  I do not think I will purchase this again unless I find a good recipe to use it in

2.5 stars

2.5 stars




Kraft Website



2 thoughts on “Philadelphia Milk Chocolate Indulgence

  1. Yep, It seems like it’s a solution looking for a problem. From the way you discribed the product I can not imagine what it would be good with. Saltines? No that is just silly. No, now that I think about it saltines might be just the thing. they are wafer thin and are salty. they might be great with this stuff.

  2. Got to the Duncan Hines site and find the recipe for the “Double Chocolate Cheesecake polk Cake. It calls for the Milk Chocolate cream cheese one. It sounds good!

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