My family isn’t big on birthday cake.  I don’t think I’ve had a regular cake in at least 5 years. So this year for my sisters’ birthday we went to Indulge a local gem that focuses on Mediterranean desserts. Indulge’s selection of deserts is very large and seems to have something for any pallet.  I don’t think I’ve found anything there that I don’t like.  Though most of it is very very sweet (and by very very I mean you may need an insulin shot if you are not careful about the amount that you are eating) that being said there are a few items that are not so sweet specifically a sesame fudge.  Other than sweets if you are into coffee Indulge is the place to go to try some different blends.  The have a Turkish coffee with cardamom that is wonderful.

Every time I’ve I have been into Indulge they have not been very busy which is surprising because of how good their products are, their great customer service, and their yelp reviews, 4.5 stars overall. Indulge is on Oak Street next to Jay’s Bistro so while it’s not in the main downtown stretch isn’t not far and totally worth the walk over.  The only gripe I have with Indulge is it is on the pricey side however I do not possess the skills or knowledge to make these deserts so I’m willing to pay more for the items but it is a place that I only go on date nights or birthdays or other special occasions.

Hours: Monday-Thursday: 11-8 and Friday-Saturday: 11-10

All pictures are from Yelp

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4 stars

4 stars


One thought on “Indulge

  1. WOW!!! Looks like another great reason to head to Old Town. Like I need another reason!!! Sounds like I would need to take small portions, or I’d definitely go into a sugar overload. How did you originally find it? There are so many neat shops and eateries and I’m never quite sure where to turn…kind of turns into an information overload thing for me.

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