Update on Stone Cold Capitol Color

I will be the first to tell you, I’m rough on my nails.  I was a “tom-boy” growing up and though I’ve grown to love fashion and makeup, I’m still a rough and tumble kind of gal.  However, when my nail polish is this chipped less than 24 hours, and I haven’t done much of anything, I’m left feeling pretty disappointed.

chipped polish

chipped polish

I painted my nails in the evening, let them totally dry and by one the next afternoon they looked like this.  On my ring finger I have “Smoke and Ashes”. That color had been on my nails with only a tip touch up for about 5 days, without a top coat.  My other fingers had stone cold without a top coat, for less than 24 hours.


This chipping really bums me out. I love the color and the finish, and I was really excited about it.  I will wear this polish again, because I paid a pretty penny for it.  However, it’s a color that I will use only for going out, and I’ll put it on right before I leave.  One good thing that I can say about this polish is that it dries very very quickly.  This is great for me, but I know it can be hard if you tend to take time when polishing your nails.

*Another thought-If you use a top coat it I’m sure it probably won’t chip as badly, however I prefer the finish without a glossy top coat.*

2 stars


3 thoughts on “Update on Stone Cold Capitol Color

  1. WOW, a polish that doesn’t chip within 24-hours. I’m amazed. So, is the top coat the trick or does the polish do just as well by itself. (Okay, you’ve probably said in your blog post, but I’m not sure I’ve read it all the way through). Where can I get this polish? I’m thinking I deserve a graduation present from myself, polish that actually works without chipping just might be the “stocking stuffer” for May.

    • Lois-I’ve found that some of the higher end polishes tend to last longer without chipping but a top coat has always made polish last longer for me. The one that I use and have had really good luck with is the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat.

  2. I can’t say that I can relate to you. Yet, this is a post that points something out to me. It boggles my mind how much effort girls have to put into their appearance. I would probably not be the most attractive of women, due to my lazy and lethargic nature. Either way, respect. This glossy-coat thing is a foreign language to me by the way.

    So the computer I was on was still logged in as this Logan person above. Please delete the above post and keep this one. My bad.

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