Capitol Colors

China Glaze just recently came out with a nail polish line called “Capitol Colors” and I couldn’t be more excited as it blends to things that I love: Nail Polish and The Hunger Games.  Since the movie opens this weekend I thought I’d do a review of the 5 colors I’ve bought from the line.  Now if you have somehow missed the Hunger Games mania let me fill you in real quick, The Hunger Games is a  book series that follows heroine Katniss through her televised battle in the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games involve 24 contestants (1 boy and 1 girl from each of the 12 districts of N.America) fighting to the death in order to remind the people that the capitol holds the power to crush them. Personally I think The Hunger Games series is the one of the best series I’ve ever read, it’s provocative and engaging, forcing the readers to think about everything from politics to love.

On to the nail polish line.  I bought 5 of the 12 colors (one color for every district): Luxe and Lush (District 1-Luxury); Stone Cold (District 2-Masonry); Harvest Moon (District 9-Grain); Agro (District 11-Agriculture); Smoke and Ashes (District 12-Mining).

smoke and ashes on nails

smoke and ashes

Right now I’m wearing Smoke and Ashes which is a black nail polish with small bits of green and silver flecks. Personally I love this color and that it’s not a flat black but it’s also not a glitter explosion black




Agro on nails


Agro is another polish that applies really nicely and if done evenly only really needs one coat of nail polish. Color wise it is a fall green with gold flecks leaving it with a metallic finish.




stone cold without top coat

stone cold without top coat

Stone Cold reminds me of pencil lead which sounds strange but I really like it.  This is a matte color with a lot of glitter which sound very counter intuitive, but it looks amazing. If you don’t like the matte look you can apply a top coat and add quite a bit of shine and seems to really change the color.  However since this is a matte polish it can easily get an overly thick application so really wipe the excess of the brush before you start.  *Note when you take this off you will have serious glitter spreading onto your hands.

Stone Cold with top coat on nails

Harvest Moon on nails

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is a gold and copper color that I am in love with, it’s probably my favorite.  The depth that the polish has is really nice however it can get a little thick on the nail tip (I don’t know why this is but I’ve had that issue with other China Glaze polishes as well), just be aware when you’re putting it on and you should be fine.  *Note when you take this off you will have serious glitter spreading onto your hands.


Luxe over purple on nails

Luxe over purple

Finally Luxe and Lush: I have really mixed feelings on this one.  I love the color; I haven’t seen a polish like this in a while. It has irradiant flakes of orange pink and blue.  However the formula is crazy thick, and when my sister used it the polish chipped off right away, maybe with a really strong top coat you wouldn’t have this issue, but I haven’t tried it.


Special thanks to my husband who let me use his nails to model most of these colors.

China Glaze Capitol Colors


One thought on “Capitol Colors

  1. LOVE THESE ALL!! What a fantastic trooper you have for a husband! These colors are perfect for the season and of course, The Hunger Games and for both of these reasons I’m inspired to go at least try to get something similar!

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