Lush Shampoo Bar “Soak and Float”

Lush Tin

Lush Tin

This winter’s weather has done a number on my skin, especially on my scalp. The swings from warm to bitter cold have left my scalp dry and itchy.  While on a trip to Boulder my family and I popped into a Lush store. I’ve been hearing all about the wonders of Lush products from various people I follow online.  Lush uses natural products that are really high quality, so I was excited to see if they had something to help address this issue I was having.

When my family and I walked in I was immediately struck by the prompt warm greeting from the sales woman.  She asked if we had been in before (none of us had) and invited us to try out some of their beauty products. After a full face treatment, watching a bath bar demo and getting an arm massage with their amazing massage bars, we were all feeling quite pampered, and my mom wanted to open a Lush franchise back in Portland, Maine (where she is currently residing).

Wandering around the store I walked past a stand of what looked like very dull soap bars.  Upon closer inspection I saw that they were shampoo bars.  Low and behold, the one named “Soak and Float” was for itchy dry scalps.  I grabbed it; I was in such desperate need for something to deal with my itchy scalp but I didn’t want to dump a ton of chemicals on my head. The sales woman also suggested I invest in a metal tin to store the bar- since the shampoo bars are preservative free and can easily melt away if they sit in moisture. She told me that one circle around my head would let it lather up to the amount I needed to wash my hair.

When I got home, I hopped in the shower right way and got to shampooing.  I was immediately struck by the intense campfire smell.  Luckily that’s a smell I enjoy.  Of course I didn’t believe that one swipe around my head would be enough shampoo, so I did about three and also lathered up the ends of my hair.  Turns out the sales lady wasn’t lying.  One swipe would have been more than enough, because I ended up with enough lather to wash my hair two or three times as well as wash my body. When I got done shampooing I did find myself using a little more conditioner than usual but post shower there was a distinct difference in the way my head felt- no itching. Surprisingly for as strong as the shampoo smelled while I was using it there was only a very faint smell of campfire in my hair.  My bathroom on the other hand smelled like I’d had a couple campfires going in the tub.

When I got out of the shower I dried my shampoo bar off with a little bit of toilet paper and set it on its side in the dry tin to finish drying. When that was done I laid it down in the case and closed it up which helped clear up the intense campfire smell in my bathroom.

The only downside to the whole Lush experience is that I really felt like the lady had spent so much time with us I didn’t feel like I could leave without buying something. Also the shampoo bar retails for 10.95 which seems expensive. However my husband and I have used it about 42 times since we purchased it, and I think there are at least another 20 uses in it.  Also it really helped the issues that I was having. Over all I do think it was worth the cost. I will repurchase a shampoo bar and probably some other Lush products.

Broken soap shaped like pac man

Unfortunately I got a little over zealous when drying my shampoo and snapped it in half, now it's like pac man!

4.5 stars

4.5 stars

Soak and Float Product Page

Lush Website


2 thoughts on “Lush Shampoo Bar “Soak and Float”

  1. Interesting container…and I’m glad you’ve found a shampoo that helps with the dryness. I like the aroma of campfire too, but I’m not so sure I’d like the whole bathroom to smell that way for every long. You’ve found some interesting things to review and blog about so far. Keep them coming…

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